July 15th, 2017

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Wimbledon 2017 - Day 12

Yesterday's men's semi finals weren't, for me, particularly gripping. I watched all of Cilic vs. Querrey, but moved over to ladies' doubles after the first set of Federer vs. Berdych.

Cilic vs. Querrey wasn't a bad match. It wasn't as serve-dominated as I had feared it might be, in fact there were a lot of excellent rallies and some really exciting points. Plus, it swung one way and then the other. Even with Cilic went two sets to one up, I still couldn't call it. It was a nice, solid match. And with Cilic winning it does have the chance of making the final a bit more challenging for Federer because, as I said yesterday, Cilic has not only been in a Grand Slam final, he has won one.

I rather enjoyed the set of the Federer vs. Berdych match I watched, as actually Federer didn't have it all his own way, he didn't get to dominate his game as much as he usually does, thus it was quite enjoyable. The main reason I bailed on it was because of the totally biased commentating. It nearly always happens; no matter who Federer is playing even if he's losing, the commentators are totally and utterly on his side, praising every single thing he does and barely mentioning the other player. It just gets too much. Tim Henman is one of the worst and he was commentating, along with Boris Becker (who wasn't quite as bad as Henman, but still fully in favour of Federer) and Andrew Castle (who was at least trying to be a little less partisan). Federer is brilliant, there is no doubt about that and what he has achieved and goes on achieving is amazing. But there are always two players on court; commentators should not be so partisan all of the time. And Berdych isn't even a favourite of mine *g* So I decided to watch ladies' doubles instead, which was really enjoyable.

Federer won in straight sets, but two of those went to tie-breaks and he didn't have it all his own way. So it's him against Cilic tomorrow.

I also watched (with J) Heather Watson and her Finnish partner Henri Kontinen in their mixed doubles match. That was a superb match; the match of the day easily. In fact probably the match of the last few days. It was great fun, had some wonderful, superb tennis, lots of eye-boggling rallies and shots and was played in such good spirits by all four players and all of them were clearly really enjoying themselves.

Heather & Henri won in three sets and tomorrow will play Jamie Murray & Martinia Hingis in the finals. So Britain will have a Wimbledon champion *g*

Today we have the ladies' final between Garbine Muguruza (Spain) and Venus Williams (USA). I think (and fervently hope) it will be a good final. They have both been in and won Grand Slam finals before, including at Wimbledon (Venus has won Wimbledon & Garbine has been in a final) so nerve-wise both players should be okay. Their H2H is 3:1 in favour of Venus, so it's not as though one has beaten the other a huge amount of times.

On the one hand Venus has the grass in her favour & has won Wimbledon before, on the other hand Garbine has age and power on her side. Not that I see age being a factor at all - not having seen Venus play this year. Plus, she seems to be on top of her sometime-debilitating illness. As far as seeding goes Garbine is the 14th seed, Venus the 10th, so again pretty close. Not that really once you get into the Wimbledon final seeding really comes into it. By this time it is pretty much an irrelevance. It does all add up to the prospect of a really good, close, three set match.

I'm actually, for the first time in quite some time, really looking forward to the ladies' final (far more than the men's *sobs*). I really do hope it doesn't let me down and turn into a damp squid. I will be rooting (quietly I hasten to add *g*) for Garbine. But I won't be really, really upset if Venus wins.

After that I might or might not watch the men's and/or ladies' doubles. It'll depend partly on J if he'd like to watch the ladies' doubles (he's got quite into doubles this year, but isn't hugely fond of the men's) then I'll be happy to watch it.

So I am anticipating a good afternoon of tennis.