September 23rd, 2015

Animals: Rabbit

Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 23

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 23


Another somewhat strange one, maybe, but there you go.

I have always had a quiet fascination for the moon and the way it changes in shape and size throughout its cycle. As a child it seemed magical as it went from a full circle to a sliver and back again. Even as an adult it still seems a little magical and so very beautiful.

I love looking at photos of the moon both real and fantasy ones and have quite a few icons of the moon. Because of our large skies and lack of light pollution in the area in which we live we really do get to see some beautiful moons. Sometimes when the moon isn't full we can still see the faint outline of the full moon, it's quite spooky as well as being lovely. In the winter we actually often get days when the moon remains long after the sun has come up - yet another almost magic sight.

I'd love to be able to take photographs of some of the beautiful moons we have but my digital camera isn't powerful enough, plus I'm not a good enough photographer to do it justice.I find the moon very peaceful and so beautiful.
Animals: Rabbit

Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 24

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 24


I may not be able to actually get out to buy presents, but I still enjoy shopping for them and give daily thanks for the Internet and how easy shopping is and what a wide variety of things you can get.

I get pleasure out of searching for things and matching them to people and imagining their reaction upon opening the present. I do tend to do the majority of my on-line present shopping on Amazon as they have such a huge variety of stuff! I've never actually failed to find what I'm looking for; the browse feature maybe isn't the greatest and the search can be so fuzzy sometimes it leaves you scratching your head, but unless I'm in a rush even that can be fun as it can lead you to something you hadn't thought of.

I'm pretty organised (something I'm sure won't come as a huge surprise) when it comes to presents (although even I'm not as organised as the mother of someone I know is *g*) and have a present drawer; so am rarely without something that would be suitable.

The main problem with on-line present buying is just as I am directionally challenged I am also weights and measurements challenged - and it doesn't help that most weights and measurements are in metric which I simply can't get my head around. I do look at the dimensions, but honestly I might be looking at ancient Greek *g* This had lead to eye-rolling from J on more than one occasion as he's the one who does the outside packing for presents and comments about 'didn't you look at the size'? This problem wouldn't occur of course if I could see and feel the item. Ah, well, only once has this led to the present I bought for someone going elsewhere because I really couldn't justify postage of what would have been at least twice the cost of the present.

For the most part though it all works out well - which is what matters in the end.