September 14th, 2015

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Thirty Days Things That Make Me Happy Meme. Day 14

Things That Make Me Happy - Day 14


Not playing, obviously *g* Just watching following.

Tennis is my favourite spot and I really do enjoy watching it. Of course some matches are easier than others and some are more enjoyable than others - often the matches in which I have the least concern about who wins are more enjoyable than the ones in which I have a strong vested interest *g* they are certainly less tiring. However, I really do enjoy my tennis.

For me the only good point about late May, June and July is that we get so much tennis on TV; so I can really indulge my pleasure and enjoy myself.

When it's not being shown I do tend to keep up with tournaments in which my favourites are playing. Sometimes I will follow an entire match via the scores, sometimes it's just a case of seeing the results on the following day. Keeping up with matches when they are playing in the US or Oz is considerably harder than when they are in Europe *g*

A good match, even if the result isn't quite what I want, really does make me happy and provides me with a lot of pleasure - sometimes hours of pleasure. And some matches are so good, so close, so intense and produce such marvellous tennis that I honestly don't mind who wins - even if I do favour one player over the other.

I have two more lots of tennis this year (maybe three, it will depend on this weekend). There's the Davis Cup semi-finals this coming weekend (in Glasgow) against Australia; if win it is possible (depending on who wins the other semi) that the final will be shown. Actually, come to think of it, I imagine the final will be shown no matter what if GB win, however, it could be played in Argentina and that will mean it'll be on at an odd time. The other event is the year end ATP tournament at the O2 for the best eight men and best eight male doubles teams. A couple of my favourites have already qualified and I'm keeping by fingers crossed for Rafa and David Ferrer and hope they both make it.

So still a couple of events (at least) for me to enjoy.