July 29th, 2015

Teddy: Tatty (World)

My latest obsession

For which I whole-heartedly blame caffyolay. Really it is all her fault (and I couldn't be happier *g8*).

And no, plutos_revenge, someone hasn't replaced Alexander in my affections, I'm not that fickle *g*

In fact it isn't a TV show or a film or a book or an actor/singer/TV presenter/whatever. It's something quite different.

My latest obsession is a jigsaw site. This jigsaw site to be exact. The jigsaw site Caffy got me hooked on.

I've always enjoyed doing jigsaws, I've done them from childhood right the way through until a few years ago. It's not easy for me to bend over a table to do a jigsaw nor in fact to sit with me legs down for more than about half-an-hour or so. At least not comfortably and what's the point of being uncomfortable? Doing a jigsaw would just be too hard going for me and so the pleasure would all be lost.

However, Caffy (who is also a jigsaw fan) told me about this site and I finally got around to trying it out the other day and since then I have been totally hooked. It's great, there are so many jigsaws from which one can choose and so many different sizes and if you register (no email address needed) you don't have to worry about completing the jigsaw in one sitting, you can take as long as you like. Plus, if you are competitive you can try to beat other people's scores. I also discovered (again thanks to Caffy) yesterday that you can bookmark jigsaws you like to do later. (I may have spent time yesterday bookmarking the odd jigsaw of two or three or . . .)

And you can create your own jigsaws! I haven't done that yet. However, when I told J about the site (he's also enjoying it) his first comment was 'well you can make one of Richard and Xander then' *g* I do love my husband!

So, yes, there we have it: my latest addiction. Thank you, caffyolay!

*Wanders off to put together the prompt list for next month's older_not_dead promptathon before continuing the jigsaw I started yesterday*