June 8th, 2015

Teddy: Tatty (Flowers)

French Open - Day 15

And it is all over for another year.

And yes, I am still reeling somewhat and shocked and stunned by yesterday's result. In all honesty I cannot remember when the result in a men's grand slam final stunned me so much. I truly, honestly thought Novak would win; yes it would be close; yes it would be a good match, but that he would win. Even when he was serving to stay in the match I thought he'd pull it off as we've seen him do it so many times. Thus the final point just had me staring in shock at the screen.

That said, it was the right result. Stan played exceptional tennis and really deserved to win. It was a jolly good, really enjoyable match between two players who were closely matched, clearly had great respect for one another and played the game in the way it should be played. I liked how more than once they accepted the other's 'call' that the ball was indeed out and didn't insist on the umpire getting down from his chair to check the mark. It really was an enjoyable match.

In the end though Stan was just too good for Novak, as Novak acknowledged; he was the better player on the day, on many occasions he simply out-powered Novak and pushed him back - something that isn't that easy to do. So full marks to him for winning - and it was winning - his second grand slam.

Novak now has to wait another year to see if he can achieve his career grand slam - I'm glad I didn't have a bet that he'd do the calendar slam this year as I would have already lost.

So we say goodbye to France for another year. We now get a week off from tennis being televised and then we have Queen's; then another week off (probably) and then Wimbledon! So hopefully this week I can get some writing done.