October 8th, 2014

Animals: Rabbit

Obsessed? No, of course not

J: "Why are we recording The One Show Tonight?"

Me: "Because Richard and Alexander are on it."

J rolls his eyes and wanders off.

What can I say? *Grins*

Actually, he watches and thoroughly enjoys the quiz show as well so . . .

And you can stop laughing, caffyolay  . . . Oh, all right, you needn't stop.
Animals: Rabbit

As expected

You Are an Anglophile

You are down to earth, no nonsense, and never one to turn down a properly made cup of tea.
Whether you're geeking out to Downton Abbey and Doctor Who or reading up on your Sherlock Holmes, you love British culture.

Your interests may be a bit stodgy and old fashioned, but you can be cheeky. You have a wickedly dry sense of humor.
Tradition is all fine and good, but sometimes you're ready to go a little crazy. You're a little punk rock sometimes!


Yes, I think this is pretty accurate for the most part at least.
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