July 1st, 2014

Teddy: Tatty (Sewing)

Wimbledon 2014 Days #07 & 08

The second Monday of Wimbledon is usually known as 'manic Monday' as it includes all the fourth round matches - not this year. This year is was more like 'miserable Monday' as yet again the rain played its part and matches that were scheduled and should have been played, ended up being cancelled.

With TPTB deciding in their so-called wisdom a) not to play a couple of men's matches when play resumed on Saturday on outside courts and b) not to play on Sunday, a huge disparity in the draw has arisen. It affects both the men's and the ladies', but with men playing the best of five it affects them more. One player at least will be forced to play three matches in three days, whereas in the other half of the draw it has gone according to schedule and the likes of Murray and Djokovic meander through nicely with their day off between matches. Not fair, Wimbledon, definitely not fair - and it didn't have to be this way.

Mini-rant over.

So yesterday saw Andy continue his winning in straight sets, although not quite so easily as in other rounds, certainly not once the roof had been closed. Nonetheless he came through as did Djokovic and they now have today off.

Sadly yesterday saw the loss of two of my favourite ladies', well actually it was three, but given the third was playing another player I really like one of them had to go out so there was always going to be one of my favourite female players out.

Today brings up the fourth round matches that didn't get played yesterday - one of which involves Rafa - as well as some ladies' quarter finals. Today should have been ladies' quarter finals days with no men's single matches being played at all. So another good day of tennis is lined up.

The question is: will Rafa continue his Wimbledon 2014 tradition and lose the first set? *g* Should I watch the first set? Obviously, I'll be cheering him on and hoping he will get through to the quarter's which will be played tomorrow - weather permitting of course, but the forecast does look good for the rest of the week until Saturday that is.