June 27th, 2014

Christmas: Teddy (Window)

Wimbledon 2014 Days #04 & 05

Thankfully lightning did not strike twice yesterday, although I'll admit I really did think it would - for nearly two sets I thought it would. But thankfully Rafa got it together and Rosol's intensity dropped a tad - to be expected, no one could have kept that level of play and intensity up - and Rafa came through in four.

It was another exhausting match to watch - remind me again why I keep watching? Ah, yes, for enjoyment *g* Hmmmmmm.

Sadly Heather's challenge ended yesterday as she lost in three sets to the World #07. Although she lost the first and final set fairly easily according to the scoreboard, she nonetheless did take it to three sets and played some jolly good tennis at times.

So once again Andy is the only Brit left in the singles.

And Andy takes to the court today in an attempt to get into the fourth round. *Cheers him on* Plus, there are some other favourite playing so another nice day of tennis watching.

Although Andy doesn't play until the third match today so I might well be 'abandoning' J for the early evening to watch it in my bedroom - which will finally give him a chance to watch something that I don't want to watch *g*