November 25th, 2013

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Alphabet Meme 2013 Redux - All Done

All stories for the Alphabet Meme 2013 Redux have now been posted.

I set my self a deadline for having all the stories posted by 31st December. However, given how well I did during October, I thought I would have it all wrapped up in the first ten days of November - I wasn't counting on being hit by a nasty bug which slowed me down. Thus, it's a bit later than I had expected - I do apologise to those people I have kept waiting. I also said that every story would be at least 1,500 words. It turned out that all of the stories were at least 3,000 words long.

In total I wrote twenty-seven stories (one for each letter of the alphabet and two for Y)

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Thank you for requesting so many stories and for the great prompts. And thank you (again) to those who commented  - I really do appreciate each and every comment very much.

It was great fun, once again, to write stories for people to their prompts. I'm sure I shall do this again next year.