November 1st, 2013

Autumn: Trees (Golden)

Story Links - October

Herewith the links to the stories I posted during October.

My aim for this month was to write at least half of the stories for the second of the year Alphabet Meme and I'm pleased to say I achieved this. I had twenty-seven stories in all to write and wrote sixteen this month.

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WORD COUNT: 82,335

STORY LENGTHS: From 3,020 to 11,570

Autumn: Trees (Golden)

Prompt list for the current older_not_dead promptathon

The prompt list for the current older_not_dead has now been posted.

There were quite a number of fandoms represented, from there really well known to the smaller ones, as well as a couple of cross-overs.

But even if your fandom hasn't appeared and you'd like to write a story/produce artwork, check out the 'fandom/pairing-free' section - there are quite a lot of prompts there.

And remember, this is open to both writers and artists. Posting begins on 1st November and continues for the entire month of November.

If you'd like to pimp this on your LJ or any comm you think may be interested, please do so.