September 2nd, 2013

Misc: Garfield & Teddy

Another writing milestone

The story I posted a few days ago marked another milestone in my fanfic writing life.

It was in fact my fifteen hundredth story.

My previous milestone of a thousand stories was in August 2009.

So just because I can . . .

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So what do all the above show? Not a lot really *g*.

  • I love writing *g*

  • It took me ten years to write a thousand stories and another four years to write a further four hundred stories. Sadly (only because of my love of round numbers) that doesn't equate to anything really 'nice'.

  • My where I place stories has changed considerably. For the first five years of writing, I only wrote for zines; that trailed off quite considerably in the next five years and I haven't written for a zine since 2009. Getting a LJ was responsible for that, as my web posting began when I got one.

  • I have this year and in parts last year returned to writing longer stories again. Last year I didn't write a story shorter than 500 words. This year of the eighty stories I have written only five have been fewer than 2,000 words and none have been fewer than 1,000 words. That is purely down to one thing: writing Raffles/Bunny as a main fandom.

  • I write far more stories each year than I used to (but a huge part of that is due to my medical retirement).

  • Despite venturing into both het and gen, I still write mainly slash.

  • Although I still love writing established relationship stories and write those more than first times, I have written more first time stories this year and part of last year than I have done for some time. Again, this comes down to writing Raffles/Bunny as my main pairing as for the most part they lend themselves more easily to first time stories than to established relationship ones.

  • I'm far more likely to write PG and G than anything else. And all NC-17 were written between 1999 and 2004. However, once again due to my Victorian boys I am writing more R rated (for sex) stories than I had done for quite a number of years

  • In terms of the number of stories written, have one super-main fandom (NCIS); five 'main' fandoms (Raffles, The Professionals, Due South, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Sapphire & Steel) and from time to time dabble in nine others and have three 'fandoms' in which I have only written one story.

  • I'm anal about statistics *grins*

    I'll stop babbling now.