September 1st, 2013

Misc: Garfield & Teddy

Story Links - August

Herewith the links to the stories I posted during August. Again, given how hot it was I'm not too disappointed with the amount I managed to write.

FANDOM: Buffyverse
CHARACTER: Rupert Giles

TITLE: Keeping A Balance

SUMMARY: Set after The Prom. Giles thinks about Wesley and Buffy and also about what Angel leaving Sunnydale will mean.

TITLE: Might It Have Made A Difference?

SUMMARY:  Set after Buffy's return to Sunnydale. Giles had thought that once Buffy returned home, everything would be all right again. However, he is aware that things aren't; he is also aware that both Buffy and Xander have a secret and he sets out to discover that they are.

TITLE Unfamiliar Territory

SUMMARY: Giles has a few things to say about Buffy's new watcher.

FANDOM: Raffles
PAIRING: Raffles/Bunny

TITLE: Letting Go

SUMMARY: Set during their time at school. A new boy joins the sixth form and takes an interest in Bunny. They have quite a lot in common and he seems to be a nice, kind, genuine boy. However, Raffles isn't impressed by the amount of time the boy seems to spend with Bunny.

TITLE: Zero Tolerance

SUMMARY: Raffles is many things, not all of them salubrious. However, he is in many ways a very moral man does not like to see people about whom he cares hurt in anyway. When a young lady starts to show more than just a passing interest in Bunny and Raffles's realises there is something about her which doesn't fit with the person Bunny believes her to be, he sets out to do something about it. However, the young lady concerned demands that Bunny ask Raffles the truth about why he did what he did and Raffles is forced to face the truth about his own feelings about his rabbit.


WORD COUNT: 52,775

STORY LENGTHS: From 2,180 to 38,170