August 9th, 2013

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Fanfic Challenges - Another One Completed

I have completed another Fanfic Challenge - 10iloveyou for Raffles/Bunny (Raffles).

Raffles/Bunny 10 I Love You Table


First story posted: 22nd March 2013
Last story posted: 4th August 2013

Word counts:

Total # of words: 82,870
Longest story: 11,700
Shortest story: 7,365
Average story length: 8,287

Story ratings:

PG = 02
PG-13 = 03
R =  05
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Thirty Days Buffy Meme. Day #09 - Favourite romance

Duly snaggled from this_years_me.

As we have recently embarked on yet another re-watch of Buffy, I thought it would be a good time to do this meme.

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Day #09: Favourite romance

Another really easy one:


My first ever het ship and in many ways still my favourite one.

They were just totally meant for one another; their love was beyond most romantic loves I've seen. And yet it was the ultimate doomed love because they couldn't be together in any true sense because of Angel losing his soul again - and yet had he not had a soul they'd never have fallen in love. In many ways they are the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet.

Everything about them just worked for me: the intensity; the passion; the love; the always thinking about one another; the deep caring; even the light & dark hair colours and the difference in heights added to making them such a wonderful (for me) couple. And Angel walking away from Buffy because he loved her so much *sniffles*

What Buffy had with Riley and with Spike was nothing compared to what she had with Angel.

Yes, it's a mushy pairing really - but so what, I love them *g*

And in my little world I'm convinced that Joss was intending to give them a happy ever after though, once Angel had finished (until the suits called time on it early) because everything pointed to it. Big things and little things in Buffy (and also a couple of times in Angel) such as Angel asking Buffy if she's still his girl and Buffy saying 'always'; the cookie-dough conversation at the very end of the series and just all their interaction and as Willow said even when Angel was Angelus, Buffy was the only thing he thought about. And as TPTB said in Angel they were 'stronger together than apart', plus Angel was owed a life by TPTB.