January 17th, 2013

Nature: Sea (Dark Blue)

Alphabet Meme. Raffles/Bunny. (Raffles)

TITLE: Making Things Right
AUTHOR: Nikki Harrington
FANDOM: Raffles
PAIRING: Arthur 'A. J.' Raffles/Harry 'Bunny' Manders
GENRE: Slash
SUB-GENRE: First Time
SUMMARY: Set during their school days. Bunny overhears something that upsets him greatly. He doesn't want to tell Raffles what has upset him, but Raffles's will prevails. Nonetheless Bunny makes a surprising decision.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for caffyolay: C - Cutting Bunny's hair. Caffy, I suspect you may have had in mind a light-hearted, humorous story when you gave me this prompt. Er, well, um, you see that didn't quite happen . . . *Looks sheepish* But it does have your other two favourite boys in it, so hopefully that will make up for it *Looks hopeful*
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time. I do, however, own the original characters.

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