July 28th, 2012

Nature: Tree (Sunset)

London 2012 - Opening Ceremony

I am writing this before I have read any reviews of it or even before I see if either caffyolay or plutos_revenge DM'd me at all during the ceremony. I'm sorry I didn't DM either of you, but by the time I got comfortable on my bed and really relaxed I realised I hadn't got Charlie to hand and having got comfy I really didn't want to get back off the bed until I absolutely had to.

This is written based on my thoughts last night and pulled together in the shower this morning.

I don't usually watch opening or closing ceremonies (certainly not all the way through) as I don't really see the point of them *g* They are too long and too full of razzmatazz. And as I said to both plutos_revenge and caffyolay I was going to watch some of this because it's being held in our country, but I wouldn't see all of it. Amazingly in the end I switched my bedroom TV off just as Sue Barker & Michael Johnson began to dissect the ceremony.

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