June 18th, 2012

Nature: Moon (Night)

Writer's Block: Firefox at the Opera

Which internet browser do you use most often and why? Similarly, which browser do you find most annoying to use?

My main browser on all my computers is Opera. I use it because it's fast, it's very safe and secure and it gives me everything I want without the need to hunt down and install a zillion add-ons.

It's easy to use, clean, has a lot of in-built features, the layout can be customised easily and I can get the effect I want in seconds. I love it and I would (and have/do) recommend it to anyone.

As for the most annoying browser that would be the Internet Exploder sorry Explorer we have these days. I very rarely use it and when I do it irks me so much I want to scream. The look and feel of it is is awful and it can't be customised to make it user friendly. It's slow and quite frankly I don't trust it to be secure.