June 11th, 2012

Nature: Moon (Night)

So two weeks and one day

After it began, the French Open finished - and in the way I wanted it to!


History was indeed going to be made one way or another as the final was between Rafa and Nole - and in true 'history making' fashion, it couldn't be decided nice and simply on the day it should have ended, could it? No, it certainly couldn't have.

Although it should have. Rafa went up two sets to love and had a break in the third; all (such a big word) he had to do was to hold his serve and he would be lifting the trophy. However, the weather decided to intervene and as the rain came down and the court and far more importantly the balls started to get wet, Rafa lost his game. Nole upped his just enough and before we knew where we were the third set was Nole's and he'd broken in the fourth - and then the referee stopped the match. Just over an hour later he called it off for the day.

So back everyone (and the stands were pretty full) came today. Nole had to start well; had to hold his serve and didn't, so it was back on serve. On it went, Rafa serving first thus he had the advantage and finally with Nole serving to force a tie-break Rafa got match point and poor Nole served a double fault. I hate that the match ended that way; as much as I wanted Rafa to win and as happy as I was that the did, I always hate it when it's lost not won - and losing it on a double fault is the worst way possible. I felt so very, very sorry for Novak at that point.

But that's not to take anything away from the result. Rafael Nadal won the French Open for a historic seventh time defeating Novak Djokovic 6:4, 6:3, 2:6, 7:5.

It wasn't their greatest match, for a great deal of it one player was playing stunning tennis, the other wasn't playing as good as he could, although there were some stunning rallies at times when they did both play the game they can play. Today was good insofar as both players played top class tennis at the same time.

I am so very happy indeed.

And without even a pause for breath, we move straight into the grass court season with Queen's starting today in the UK and the tournament in Halle also starting. Rafa is due to play in Halle, and it's been confirmed he will indeed play. He'll get there on Wednesday and play his first match on Thursday! Kudos to him.

And of course in true British weather fashion, it is raining at Queen's, so play has yet to start. Will it start today? I'm not betting on it!