June 9th, 2012

Nature: Moon (Night)

Fiction. Hard Habit To Break (Raffles/Bunny)

TITLE: Hard Habit To Break
AUTHOR: Nikki Harrington
FANDOM: Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
PAIRING: A. J. Raffles/Harry 'Bunny' Manders
GENRE: Slash
SUB-GENRE: First Time
SUMMARY: It's the beginning of Bunny's second year at school. He returns after the summer holidays, looking forward to another year by Raffles's side only to find things have changed.
WORD COUNT: 10,795
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Raffles or Bunny, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time. I do, however, own the original characters I create.

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