April 25th, 2012

Animals: Deer & Rabbit

Reminder that prompts are needed for older_not_dead's Promptathon 09

Just a reminder that the closing date for submitting prompts for our ninth promptathon is coming up fast - 27th April 2012.

So far we have had quite a few prompts, but some more would be lovely.

If you wish to submit prompts, and remember you don't have to be a writer or graphic maker to submit prompts, you can do so by going here. Please remember to read the blurb about how prompts should be submitted.

To remind you, the theme for this promptathon is New Beginnings

Prompts must, in some way, relate to a new beginning for the couple. It could be that they move from friends to lovers; it could be that they reunite after some years apart; it could be that they move into a new home; that one (or both of them) changes jobs, gets a new career, retires, starts their own company; maybe there's a new addition to the family, human or animal. As long as it is something new in some way for them, then anything goes.

The prompts can be:

  • A fandom and a prompt, e.g. NCIS. ?/?. Dancing
  • A fandom, a character and a prompt, e.g. Due South. Fraser/?. Books
  • A fandom, a pairing and a prompt, e.g. The Professionals. Bodie/Doyle. Wine
  • Just a prompt - i.e. suitable for any fandom/pairing) e.g. ?. ?/?. Flowers

    And you can mix and match when submitting, or just submit one type.

    Also just to remind you (yes, again) the characters only have to be 40+ in the story/graphics, not in canon. (Of course they can be 40+ in canon as well, but that isn't part of the 'rules').