April 2nd, 2012

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Character meme for the third time

1. Leave a comment to this post - specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

A couple of weeks ago ::coughs:: the lovely caffyolay gave me 'G' and it's taken me this long to get around to do it - not because I hadn't got the characters, but because of the alphabet meme and a certain pair of Victorian gentlemen *g* However, finally, I am going to do it.

I decided not to go with the 'obvious' one - Gibbs - as I had already used him when aries11 gave me 'J'. So there are five other 'G's behind the cut.

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