March 28th, 2012

Animals: Bear (Flowers)

Alphabet Meme 2012 - All Done

All stories for the Alphabet Meme 2012 have now been posted.

In total I wrote thirty-six stories (one for each letter of the alphabet and two for A, D, H, M, U & W and three for F (I even had two people choose the same word for F) & T ).

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Thank you for requesting so many stories and for the great prompts. And thank you (again) to those who commented  - I really do appreciate each and every comment very much. A special thank you has to go to sharpiesgal (and Five) who read and commented on all thirty-six stories - thank you, Sharpie!

It was great fun, once again, to write stories for people to their prompts. I'm sure I shall do this again next year.