February 1st, 2012

Birds: Seagull over sea

Prompt list for the eighth older_not_dead promptathon

The prompt list for the eighth older_not_dead has now been posted.

We had forty-eight fandoms represented as well as a few prompts that are not fandom/pairing specific.

I'm not going to list all forty-eight fandoms (for which I'm sure you are glad *g*) but here are a few:

Hawaii 5-0
NCIS (a variety of pairings)
Sherlock (BBC)
Sherlock Holmes (Bookverse)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E
The Professionals

But even if your fandom hasn't appeared and you'd like to write a story/produce artwork, check out the 'fandom/pairing-free' section - there are quite a lot of prompts there.

And remember, this is open to both writers and artists. Posting begins today and continues for the entire month of February.

If you'd like to pimp this on your LJ or any comm you think may be interested, please do so.
Birds: Seagull over sea

Story Links - January

Herewith links to stories posted during January.

I had a single aim in January (apart from actually writing *g*) and that was to catch up with all the challenges I had missed for ncis_drabble, as well as keeping up to date with the current challenges.

I achieved this aim. Apart from the current challenge that only began two days ago, I have completely caught up.

Collapse )

NUMBER OF STORIES: 30 (This is only nine stories fewer than I wrote overall in 2011).

WORD COUNT FOR JANUARY: 15,000 (This is just about half the overall word count I managed in 2011).

STORY LENGTHS: All exactly 500 words.


With fiction and non-fiction I finished the month 284 words short of the 20,834 I should have written.

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Overall word count