January 21st, 2012

Teddy: Sleeping

My Tweets

  • Пт, 16:59: @yehwellwhatever Sorry to hear you're behind *Good vibes* How are things otherwise?
  • Пт, 17:00: After a run of mostly fluffy(ish) stories to begin the year I've just written my first angsty one.
  • Пт, 17:02: I'm quite pleased with my progress for my 250k in 2012 goal so far.
  • Пт, 17:06: @yehwellwhatever So far 2012 has started well for me - much better than last year.
  • Пт, 17:08: @yehwellwhatever Thank you. Sorry to hear that - I hope you can catch up over the next couple of months. *Good vibes*
  • Пт, 17:13: @yehwellwhatever Thank you. I hope so too. I am, yes. I haven't started it as such yet. I want to get the back-log of NCIS_Drabble prompts
  • Пт, 17:14: @yehwellwhatever out of the way first. I've done 16/29 so far, so hopefully I'll get them polished off this month.
  • Пт, 17:23: Must go and prepare the veg.
  • Пт, 18:00: Darn, hope to get back for a bit, but I have to dash. Hope your weekends start well. *Waves & runs off*