December 13th, 2011

Christmas: Teddy (Window)

My Tweets

  • Пн, 12:17: So having said on my LJ in response to some words given to me by @thetellyho (better late than never *g*) that I'd get back to non-lurking
  • Пн, 12:17: here, I am going to do that So hello! Good afternoon and all that. How are you?
  • Пн, 12:18: Nice and crisp here today, but any snow we had has gone - I wonder for how long? Not long I suspect!
  • Пн, 13:23: Lacey does choose some strange places to sleep - right across the doorway just inside the sitting room, v. difficult to get in or out *g*
  • Пн, 13:40: @jetgibbs I hope you have a great time!