November 20th, 2011

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Thirty Days NCIS Meme Mark 02. Day #20 - Favourite Gibbs episode or moment

I have such fun doing thirty days memes that I decided to create another  NCIS one. Please feel free to snaggle it should you wish to.

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Day #20 - Favourite Gibbs episode or moment

I do wonder who came up with impossible questions *g* and what they were thinking of when they made them up *g* Honestly, the show is all about Gibbs, how can I choose an episode or even worse a moment?

I'm going to go with the Season 1 episode 'Enigma' as I really love this episode - and it's in my top ten.

It shows the lengths Gibbs will go to when he cares about someone. It shows his loyalty to a person and to the corps. It shows the honourable, caring, dedicated man we know he is. And it gives us a wee look into his past that actually works and holds my interest.

Gibbs is superb in this episode. But despite it being Gibbs-centric and Gibbs-heavy, it isn't thus to the extent of the other characters. I like how the team are concerned about Gibbs and rally around. And of course it doesn't help that the episode also has both Fornell and Tom Morrow in it.