November 16th, 2011

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Thirty Days NCIS Meme Mark 02. Day #16 - Five characters you wish you had seen/wish you would see mo

I have such fun doing thirty days memes that I decided to create another  NCIS one. Please feel free to snaggle it should you wish to.

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Day #16 - Five characters you wish you had seen/wish you would see more of

Only five? Hmmm, now that's another quite hard choice - there are more than five on my list. I shall cull it *g* I really don't know what I was thinking of when I limited some of these questions to a mere five *g* It should have been more. Ah, well . . .

Tobias Fornell. Fornell makes every episode he is in better; he is a superb character and I love his interaction with Gibbs and their snark. I'd love to see more of him. Several times a season would be good.

Jimmy Palmer. I love Jimmy and would like to see him in every episode - either Ducky needs and assistant or he doesn't. But I also wish they'd utilise him more and not just have him as the person who makes the inappropriate comment.

Ducky Mallard. Rarely an episode goes by when I wish we had more Ducky in it.

Trent Kort. Good guy or bad? Does he even know? He's another excellent character and again adds so much to an episode. What I'd really love was an episode that included him and Fornell with lots and lots of three-handed interaction with Gibbs, Fornell and Kort. Ah, the snark, can you imagine it?

Tom Morrow. He was the best director NCIS had and I do wish we'd seen more of him in S1&2. Given there wasn't any character assassination or daft story-lines in S1&2, I am confident that had he appeared more, he would still have been the great character we saw.