October 12th, 2011

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Thirty Days Professionals Meme. Day #12 - Favourite episode from Season 3

First seen on probodie's journal and on several Pros fans since then. All the ones I've seen have been done in one day, but I'm going to make it a thirty day meme instead.

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Day #12. Favourite episode from S3

A little easier than yesterday's choice. My favourite episode from Season 3 is:

'The Purging Of CI5'.

It's my favourite for  a number of reason.

It has s a good story-line and a gripping one that keeps you guessing throughout and has more than one twist and turn.

The boys are so together in it, there are some excellent scenes, the one in the lift at the beginning, Doyle defusting Bodie's phone with all the looks between them and the fact that Doyle wasn't going anywhere, the car scene when they realise a window has been left open and this time Bodie won't leave Doyle and the scene with the metal detector. They really were together in this episode in more ways than one.

I like how Doyle and Bodie show concern for Cowley, they really do care about him (just as he cares about them).

It's an easy episode to watch as there isn't anything controversial about it. It's all about CI5 - the title says it all - and it's a feel good episode that very enjoyable to watch.