October 7th, 2011

Christmas: Holly

Thirty Days Professionals Meme. Day #07 - Best Bodie moment

First seen on probodie's journal and on several Pros fans since then. All the ones I've seen have been done in one day, but I'm going to make it a thirty day meme instead.

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Day #07. Best Bodie moment

Again this is purely 'luck of the draw'.

I'm going to go with Bodie in Discovered In A Graveyard. The whole getting to Doyle's building, going up the fire escape, finding Doyle bleeding to death on the floor and the way he staunches the wound and then has to race off to the car because he forgot to take his RT and Doyle's phone isn't working and then finally in the ambulance with Doyle.

It showed the man of action and the man who cares deeply for his partner.
Christmas: Holly

Another meme

Snaggled from oasis3017

You Are Lukewarm

You feel open and generous sometimes, but you don't always feel like being friendly.

You're not naturally outgoing or curious about people. Being around others drains your resources.

So considering how you feel, you're actually quite warm. You do your best.

And you often find it easy to be warm toward the people you like the most.