September 15th, 2011

Teddy: Tatty (World)

My tweets

  • Wed, 13:16: Good afternoon from dry, bright, sunny & very windy Scotland.
  • Wed, 13:16: The leaves really are turning now, autumn is definitely upon us *g* So beautiful.
  • Wed, 13:35: I spoke too soon. Now it'd dull and grey and looks like it's going to throw it down very soon.
  • Wed, 14:18: Indeed it is throwing it down and has been for some time. Guess who is out there in the rain? Yep, the phantom hole digger *shakes head*
  • Wed, 15:05: Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate Mother doing the garden, but it's so annoying when she asks wha… (cont)
  • Wed, 15:11: @Caffyolay Apparently (just Googling) they are doing 2 'condensed' progs 1 on Friday 8.30-9.00 & 1 on Sat 6.10-7.10 on BBC1.