June 25th, 2011

Flowers: Pink (Spring)

Wimbledon Days 05 & 06

Yesterday's play was cut short due, once again, to heavy rain fall - I wonder how long it will be before TPTB decide to put a roof on Court One?

Murray, being on Centre Court, wasn't affected by the rain and came through in a fairly tight match in four sets.

Rafa won a very tight and well fought first set on the tie-break before taking time-out for some, hopefully minor, injury, he did slip at the back of the court. He was actually off court having treatment, which implies it was something like a groin strain or top of his thigh when the rain came down, thus ending play for the day.

The big surprise of the day was Andy Roddick falling to Feliciano Lopez in straight sets. I knew it would be a test, but I'd fully expected a tight match probably going to five sets, so for Andy to go out so easily was a real surprise. He did seem out of sorts and certainly wasn't playing his best tennis - but full marks to Lopez for dismissing him and really not letting Andy play his best.

As expected our British ladies (Elena Baltacha and Laura Robson) did both go out. Elena could have won, just as she could have won so many times, but when it came to it her serve let her down. Laura played amazingly well against Maria Sharapova, racing off to a 4:1 lead before Maria finally pegged her back. It does look as if Laura will have a good future.

Caroline Wozanacki won her match comfortably.

Rafa resumes first on Court One today and I must confess I am a wee bit concerned having seen how superbly Muller served and played yesterday. I'm hoping Rafa will come through, but I do have some concerns.

As well as Rafa resuming play today, a lot of third round matches that were started yesterday will also be completed today, plus the third round matches in the other half of the draw are due to be played. Both Federer and Djokovic are playing and whilst both have reasonably tough opponents who are good on grass, I honestly can't see either man being troubled.

And third round ladies matches, some that were started yesterday, will also be played today - Caroline Wozniacki plays again today as does Maria Sharapova.

The forecast for Wimbledon is extremely good - so here's hoping the do manage to get through all the third round matches.
Flowers: Pink (Spring)

Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #25 - An OMFG Did That Just Happen? Moment

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 25 – An ‘OMFG did that just happen?’ moment

A difficult one as there are several contenders for this and I've changed my mind a few times over which one to pick.

In the end after reviewing my previous answers and knowing what my answers to the final few questions will be I decided to go with:

The moment in 'The Meat Puzzle' where Vincent Hanlan slits his own throat.

I did not see that coming at all. I thought he might try to fight his way out, even try to grab a gun and would end up being shot and killed. Or even his mother being shot and killed because she got between him and whoever was shooting him. But I did not for a second consider he would slit his own throat.

It was one of the most shocking moments NCIS has ever come up with. So even though he wasn't a main or even recurring character, I think the moment does justify the 'OMFG did that just happen'?