June 20th, 2011

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Wimbledon Day 01

Wimbledon starts today - that makes me very happy as I really enjoy watching tennis, especially Wimbledon as at least being in the UK it is widely shown and the chances are high I'll be able to watch the matches I want to see.

I do hope the weather is better than it has been for Queen's and Eastbourne, otherwise roof or no roof they are going to get very behind. After all, it's only Centre Court that has a roof, thus only so many matches that can be played each day, even if they start really early in the morning and go on until 11:00 p.m. (the time they have to stop playing) each day.

At least with the roof there will be guaranteed play every day, so there will be something to watch and today my favourite male tennis player (Rafael Nadal for those who haven't been here that long) kicks off on Centre Court at 1:00 p.m.

As far as the men's draw goes I'm both happy and a bit peeved (yes go on plutos_revenge you have my full permission to roll your eyes, we both know I'm 'odd' *g*). I'm happy because the possibility of another epic final between Rafa and Federer is on the cards (as they are in opposite halves of the draw) which is wonderful as they do produce some superb matches. But I'd also have liked Rafa and Murray to have been in opposite sides of the draw so I'd have players I really enjoyed watching each day.

Don't get me wrong I admire Federer and think his game is elegant and wonderful and he is one of the all time greats, and his record of twenty-three consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals will never (I'm sure) be equalled or beaten. But unless he's playing Rafa or Murray or Djokovic of Soderling or someone who won't let him dictate the game, I find him somewhat boring to watch because he plays so effortlessly, it all comes so easy. I love watching him when he's being pushed and challenged, but otherwise, I admire his game and skill and talent and the fluid way he moves around the court, but I don't really enjoy watching him - yes, yes, I know I'm odd *g*

And to add 'insult' to 'injury' another favourite of mine Andy Roddick is also in the same half as Rafa and Murray. I've had a soft spot for Roddick for many years going back to his first or second Wimbledon when he was doing rather well and beat someone fairly high up on Centre Court in third/fourth round and before going off he dutifully gets his ID badge out of his bag and puts it round his neck. I remember the commentator laughing (in a nice way) and saying 'I'm sure they know who you are by now, Andy'.

And if that wasn't enough my favourite female player (well my actual favourite Kim Clijsters isn't playing as she's injured) Jelena Jankovic is also playing on the same day as the above mentioned three men. So it looks as if I'll be watching tennis every other day and just having it on in the background every other day. Actually, it'll be beneficial for J, because it means he won't have to sit through tennis every early evening because had Rafa and Murray been in opposite halves they'd almost certainly be the ones scheduled for third match each time they played.

And the Williams sisters are back *sighs* Sorry, but I really don't care for them - well I don't mind Venus, but Serena I really disliked. Again, her ability is to be admired, but her character and attitude really trouble and annoy me, as does her screaming during her matches - but only when she's losing. I'm very sorry they are in opposite halves of the draw as the idea of yet another boring Williams sisters final does not appeal. I just hope they go out early on - well I especially hope Serena does. Actually, I'm really hoping Caroline Wozniacki does well this year, wins even, if only so she can dispel the 'how can someone be world #01 if they've never won a Grand Slam' attitude that some people (including certain players) have.

And finally, do you remember the first round epic match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut from last year? The one that was spread over three days and went to 70:68 in the final set? Well, would you believe it, but they have been drawn to meet one another again in the first round this year. Now I know the odds of them meeting one another are the same as them meeting anyone else, but it did cause a lot of amusement and surprise when the draw was made. They don't start until tomorrow and I wonder if they'll be on the same court as last year with (as plutos_revenge said) the same umpire?

And finally, finally *g* here's hoping that a Brit other than Murray can actually do something this year - i.e. get past round one or two. It really would be good to see, here's hoping James Ward can find the form he found at Queen's and Elena Baltacha also can show the form we know she has and doesn't let the fact it's Wimbledon get to her. Sadly, I suspect that's asking a lot :-(

So I'm in for a (hopefully) good afternoon of tennis.
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Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #20- Two Characters You Wish Had Met Properly

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 20 – Two characters you wish had met properly

I confess, I'm not entirely certain what is meant by this question. The only thing I could think of was that it was tied in with fanfic, i.e. people who have been paired in stories but who never met or never met 'properly' in canon. And yet, none of the other questions relate to fanfic, so I did wonder if that was the case.

However, given I haven't come up with the definitive answer (and I've had this meme lurking for months now) I decided that I would go with my interpretation. So I give you:

Anthony DiNozzo and Maddie Tyler.

It was philleegirl who 'introduced' me to them a pairing in her wonderful stories and I've written a few myself. Maddie appeared in 'Requiem' and we do know that Tony rather liked the look of her; well he would she was a young attractive woman and he's Tony *g*

In canon whilst he rescues her from almost certain drowning, they don't actually meet 'properly', hence they do fit the question. I would have liked them to have met properly, I'd have liked to see Tony flirt with her, ask her out on a date, etc.