June 17th, 2011

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Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #17- The Best Kiss

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 17 - Best kiss

We don't get that many kisses on NCIS, so this was quite a tough one.

However, I'm going for the kiss, as depicted in my icon, from 'Reunion' when Ziva goes into the men's room; she and Tony talk and she reaches up and kisses his cheek. For me that kiss on the cheek said so much more about the truth concerning their relationship and the feelings they have for one another than a lingering kiss on the lips could say.

She was both apologising for her actions in 'Aliyah' whilst at the same time acknowledging that Tony had deliberately goaded her into lashing out at him at that time because he knew she needed to lash out at someone and far better him than anyone else.

She was also thanking him for rescuing her from Somalia and acknowledging his confession that he couldn't live without her - because let's not forget he was under the influence of the truth drug at that point, so what he said was true. But the kiss was also letting him know that it was too soon after the death of Rivkin and the fight and the mis-trusting for anything to happen between them at that point.

To quote from my own episode review *g*

Ziva confesses that she nearly killed DiNozzo when she found he'd shot Rivkin, but then says it doesn't matter now how it worked out for Rivkin. DiNozzo asks her what does matter and she tells him that it was that he had her back and that he always has had. She says she was wrong to question his motives for killing Rivkin. She says she trusted Ari and Rivkin and thus couldn't afford to trust DiNozzo. DiNozzo apologies, but Ziva says it is she who should apologise and she does so and then she leans up and kisses for a long moment his cheek. She adds that he was a cop and she shouldn't have doubted him. He suddenly gets a brain-wave and grabs her upper arms, repeats 'a cop' then cups her face for a moment and hurries away.

I thought it was a really good scene, very well done indeed. It wasn't drawn out, there were no excuses, no recriminations, no impassioned speeches, just more than one step towards them getting back their full trust of one another and being able to work together again. For me they did both have to apologise, no matter that DiNozzo killed Rivkin to save his own life, he did take the life of the man Ziva cared about. I thought his apology was very well done and a true sign of the mature DiNozzo I like so much. Ditto Ziva saying he didn't have to apologise, but she did, was well done and also right. A very moving and tender scene.

It was a moving, poignant, beautiful moment and the kiss, for me, was the best kiss I've seen on NCIS.