June 11th, 2011

Animals: Deer & Rabbit

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Animals: Deer & Rabbit

Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #11 - Your Favourite DiNozzo Movie Reference

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 11 - Favourite DiNozzo movie reference

I confess I pay very little attention to DiNozzo's film references - mainly because 99% of them mean nothing to me, I've never heard of the film he's quoting from. And of those I do know, I don't actually recall the reference.

So I'm going to cheat just a tad and go with the only DiNozzo film reference I can a) remember and b) know and love the film.

"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." From the film Casablanca. Said by Anthony DiNozzo Snr. to Gibbs in 'Broken Arrow'.

Not only do I remember it, but it fitted perfectly and rang true to the situation and mirrored the situation in Casablanca.

And after all the question only says 'DiNozzo movie reference' not which DiNozzo it is - so really I'm not cheating as the reference was made by DiNozzo *grins*