June 9th, 2011

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Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #09 - The Best Story Arc

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 09 - Best story arc

This is a difficult one as to be honest I don't think NCIS do story-arcs that well over all. The P2P killer was an interesting arc but was spoilt by the fact it wasn't really our team's case and far too much time was spent on EJ and her team. The Ari arc was quite good. Most others just haven't worked for me and most have been overdone, i.e. they could have been tied up far more quickly.

So, I'm actually going to go with the arc that ties in with yesterday's 'Favourite' villain' question. I'm going with the 'mole inside NCIS' during the first third of Season Six. I thought that was well paced, not overly drawn out, kept the viewer guessing and had enough twists and good red herrings to keep my interest. It also had some good character interaction, some excellent team work and even when I thought it was all sewn up and I knew everything, it came around with a couple more twists.

I enjoyed that arc very much.
Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

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