June 7th, 2011

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Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #07 - Your Least Favourite Character

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 07 – Least favourite character

I thought long and hard about this one, trying to decide whether to go with my least favourite main character or with someone who was a recurring character. There are several recurring characters I dislike strongly, M Allison Hart, EJ Barrett, Abigail Borin & Hollis Mann to name but four. Interestingly, they are all female; sadly, it seems TPTB really seem incapable of writing a decent female character for the most part. And I dislike all four of these considerably more than the person I did decide to go with and I'd be an incredibly happy bunny if we never saw any of them again - which isn't true with the character I've gone with.

So why have I gone with this person and not one of the above-mentioned women? Two reasons: firstly it seemed 'fairer' to me to go with a main character and not someone I've only seen a handful of times. And secondly, it wasn't a question about 'a character I disliked' and I disliked all the above-mentioned women. No, it was a question about 'least favourite'. And that was the main thing that tipped the balance as to who to go with. So my least favourite main character is:

Anthony DiNozzo.

Don't get me wrong I really like Tony, at times I love him. When he's being smart, competent, caring, acting the clown - not the idiot, there's a big difference - compassionate, respectful to and of his colleagues and mature, he is great. I really loved him in Season 4, because he was all those things and so much more. But sadly, this is Tony we see maybe 95% of the time (if that), the rest of the time he isn't that Tony :-(

As much as I like him a lot of the time I want to slap him and shake him. I don't like him when he's being an idiot, or when his 'teasing' crosses the line of acceptability, as it did a lot of the time prior to this current season - especially with Tim. There were times he was actually nasty to his colleagues, showed them very little respect and some of the tricks he played were utterly irresponsible - especially then one when he fixed Ziva's chair so it broke when she sat on it. That wasn't even remotely funny, she could have been paralysed for life. I also, on the shallow side, don't find him attractive at all, and I his voice doesn't do anything for me - voice is a really important thing to me.

For the most part in Season 8 he has been very likeable as he's mainly been the mature, caring, competent, respectful clown who I don't want to shake or slap and who is a pleasure to watch.

So yes, Tony is my least favourite of the main characters. But it doesn't mean I dislike him, I don't; he's just not my favourite. And after all, someone has to be least favourite.