June 6th, 2011

Animals: Bear (Flowers)

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Animals: Bear (Flowers)

Thirty Days NCIS Meme. Day #06 - Your Favourite Female Character

I saw this quite some time ago on dinozzoitis's journal and finally got around to doing it.

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Day 06 – Favourite female character

At one point in my NCIS life this would have been really easy, as my favourite female character was head and shoulders above any other female character. But over time the gap has closed considerably, until the two main female characters are just about equal in my affections. However, I do still have a favourite by a whisper so my favourite female character is:

Abigail Sciuto.

She's intelligent, well balanced, very caring, fun, passionate, happy, loves her job and 'her' men - she would do anything for any of them. She seems to love life and very little phases her; if she has a problem she believes she can solve it. And yet she is also at time insecure, yet she comes across as secure in that insecurity. Sometimes she seems years older than her age, sometimes years younger. She's quite complex and yet at the same time fairly uncomplicated - she's a real character. The only thing I've always disliked about her is her tattoos, but that's a personal thing.

She's a lovely character.