February 3rd, 2011

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Dichotomous Feelings

So NCIS has already been renewed for a ninth season. And Mark Harmon has been signed up for another two years as main actor and also has a 'promotion' from Producer to Executive Producer. Quite that that means in reality, I know not. It just seems to me that most lead actors seem to end up as Executive Producer (Richard Dean Anderson - Stargate SG-1 - and Hugh Laurie - House, MD - to name but two). So does it actually mean anything? Or is it just a courtesy and acknowledgement of what he's done? Who knows.

I know what an Executive Producer is meant to be/do, but does this apply in these cases? After all NCIS has a lot of them (including DPB who I doubt has anything to do with the show any more, but it was his baby). Maybe MH will have more say in plots and characters, but as we know he has said multiple times that the show keeps getting better and better and it's now far better than it was in the past. So even if he does get more say, it may not be in the direction fandom generally likes. And in truth who can argue with the ratings? They are the highest they have ever been. Clearly, it's doing something right in the eyes of the general viewing public - more than just something right. Anyway, that bit is an elephant really and just me babbling. That isn't the part that I have these conflicting feelings over.

The bit over which I have dichotomous feelings is the 'already renewed for another year'. Given it's still my main fandom, given how much I do still love the show, how dedicated to it I am, how involved with it I am, etc. etc. you'd think I'd be full of bounce an yayness and excited and happy, right? Especially as given MH has been re-signed up for two years, unless something goes dramatically wrong next season, the ninth season will move onto a tenth. Right?

Well . . . In part I am. Another year of NCIS, that's really good. I'm happy, really I am. Very much so! Another year of seeing the people I love, of getting bunnies hopping, of writing missing scenes in 'real time' of writing episode reviews and having discussions about them. All things that make me so happy, keep me busy and fulfilled and are for the most part fun. Yes, it's good news; it really is. It makes me smile. I am also, of course, pleased for the cast and crew.

However, part of me feels 'oh, no, not another year of NCIS. Not another year of open canon during which they can mess up the characters, plot lines, give us something else that happened in 1991, etc. etc'. And another year when fandom can splinter more and character/pairing bashing can become more common, all of which is not good and not happy making at all :-(

As some of you know I've felt like this for several years now, which may make you wonder why I'm still so bound up in the show and fandom - at times I wonder that myself *g* But despite everything it is still the show I fell in love with and the characters I adore - at least it is at one level. However, at another it's nothing like the show I fell in love with nor are the characters the ones I fell in love with. Does that make any sense at all to anyone but me?

Plus, as I've said more than once (most recently to solo) open canon is so much more tiring and trying than closed canon. This is my first open canon show and whilst I now have a new 'credo' saying 'Never say never' I really sincerely doubt I will ever get into another open canon show. I like my canon closed; I like to know where I stand character and on-going plot-wise. It's very hard to have one view, supported by interpretative canon, for several years only to have it wiped away with one line or one episode.

Also, I'd hate to see the show just wither and die; I'd hate to see plummet in the ratings and really become a parody of what it once was. It's still producing stellar episodes, not all the time, unlike in earlier seasons (IMO anyway), but overall this current season has been very good. However, we all know that all that gets remembered is the bad and if it does struggle on and start to fade and go out with a whimper not a bow, that's what will be remembered and all the good will be forgotten. That's why I'd like it to go out when it's on top - like it is now.

So yes, both 'yay' and 'oh, no' feelings today.