June 30th, 2010

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Wimbledon Days 08 & 09

And still the shocks happen at Wimbledon 2010.

Yesterday World #02 and five-time Wimbledon Champion Venus Williams crashed out, losing in straight sets to the unseeded and not exactly well known Tsvetana Pironkova from Bulgaria.

I saw Venus walk onto court and Tweeted that she looked out of sorts and almost seemed to be limping, so in truth as I watched the score I wasn't totally surprised she went out, but the scoreline did surprise me. Venus admitted she played really badly. However, nothing should be taken away from Pironkova, even when a top player is playing badly it's still easy to lose your nerve at the thought of beating them (look at Falla who so very nearly put Fed out in the first round) and choke; kudos to Pironkova for not doing that.

So there won't be another Williams sisters final, for which I am extremely glad.

However, having said that I now expect it to be a totally one-sided final, as sadly the person I felt who could push the sisters, Kim Clijsters also lost in three sets to Vera Zvonareva. Kim started really well, but then her forehand and her game generally began to desert her. Kudos, however, to Zvonareva who is known for being more than a tad flaky and more than one has been in floods of tears on court. I guess she has to be favourite to beat Pironkova, but given she's just put out a Williams, Pironkova has shown she has the game and the nerve, so who knows.

I really was so sorry to see Kim go out and in truth that has lessened even more my interest in the ladies side - I'll still watch the semis and final, but with no one I really care about the same edge isn't there. Although, in truth that can lead to actually enjoying the match more and not being so edge of seat *g*

Serena did come through in straight sets, but it wasn't a walk in the park and she now takes on in the semi finals tomorrow an unseeded, yet another utterly unheard off girl who'd never won a GS match until this Wimbledon  Petra Kvitova, who won the battle of the Ks.

Today brings us the men's quarter finals. Fed vs. Tomas Berdych; Murray vs. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga; Nole vs. Yen-Hsun Lu (the unknown who put out Andy R); Rafa vs. Soderling. It could be a great day, it could be another angst filled day with the result going the way I and plutos_revenge don't want it to.

On paper the toughest match up is Rafa vs. Soderling and the easiest Nole vs. Lu, but as we've seen all week anything can and has happened!

I accurately predicated the order of play for these four both as far as courts and who'd play when would be. However, plutos_revenge won't let me predict any results *pouts* But I'm going to anyway, so there. I predict . . .  That . . .  Are you read? Here goes . . . Four men will win *g*

Seriously, I know the four I'd like to go through and I think I can guess the four plutos_revenge wants to go through and I suspect they will differ very slightly.

So plutos_revenge are you ready and set up, cushions at hand and prepared for angst and worry and even disappointment? At least you'll know sooner than I shall if your favourite goes through.

Good luck to all eight - favourites or not, to get this far is always an achievement and in truth none have had walks in the park!

Oh, and our final Brits (save Murray) went out in the third round of the mixed doubles yesterday.
Birds: Seagull over sea

Month-long TV Meme - Day #30 - Saddest character death.

It's the final day of the TV Meme. I had great fun doing this, actually, more than I thought I would. It was a test at times and hard to pick one from so many, but I got there. I was chuffed that I did use a variety of different shows - twenty in all - as it would have been easy to use the same one over and over again.

When nicis_anatomy started to post this meme last month, I promised her that I would do it in June. So I am keeping my promise. From seeing Nici's posts last month, I know several of my answers will be the same as hers.

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Day 30 - Saddest character death.

Again there was more than one candidate for this, and it did take some thinking about.

In the end I decided to go with a character from a show I hadn't used. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce  from Angel: The Series. And I went with Wes, not just because of not having used Angel but because after much thought it really was right up there amongst the saddest deaths.

Wes first made his appearance in Buffy and I have to say at first I really didn't care for him - but you weren't meant to. He was pompous, scared and compared to his fellow Watcher Giles . . . Words can't describe it. But he came through in the end for the team and grew.

So when he appeared in Angel even more changed and grown, I was delighted to see him. He was great for the show and whilst I didn't agree with the story-line that made him in effect 'betray' Angel, it added to the tension and hardened Wes in ways nothing else could. And had that not happened, I'm not sure he'd have done some of the things he did later on - essential things.

I loved how he loved Fred and stood by to see her choose Gunn, only to realise it was Wes she wanted to be with and they had a short time before she changed and became Illyria and Wes had to watch the girl he loved change forever. But he didn't give up, he worked with her to try to give her some humanity and he won; he gave her some. And just as you thought he'd finally, maybe get the girl, he dies with her by his side, changed into Fred, as she learnt how to do; he dies knowing she loves him. And his death gives Illyria so much.

It led to a really poignant line at the end of the final episode of Angel when Illyria returns to Angel's side to find Gunn dying, Lorne gone and now only Angel, Spike and herself. She says to them: "Wesley's dead. I'm feeling grief for him. I can't seem to control it. I wish to do more violence." She gets her final wish: she did get 'to do more violence'.

Very poignant and powerful. To love. To lose. To get. To lose. To get. To die.

The final exchange during Wes's death scene:

Illyria: [Wesley has been fatally stabbed] You'll be dead within moments.
Wes: I know.
Illyria: Would you like me to lie to you now?
Wes: Yes. Thank you, yes.
[Illyria morphs into Fred]
Wes: Hello there.
Illyria: [as Fred] Oh Wesley. My Wesley.
Wes: Fred, I've missed you.
Illyria: It's gonna be okay. It won't hurt much longer and then you'll be where I am.
[Begins crying]
Illyria: We'll be together.
Wes: I-I love you.
Illyria: I love you. My love. Oh, my love.

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