April 24th, 2010

NCIS: Gibbs/Fornell (Whisper)

Extra Userpics - an update

A la carte userpics are back. LJ have (in their own words):

Fixed the ability to purchase userpic add-ons through automatic payments. If you purchase add-ons with a one-time manual payment, you will now see details on how your purchase will be credited. Please note that if you already have at least one add-on package for your account, you can use the new Userpic Package Resizing Tool anytime to change how your add-on package(s) and time are arranged.

So basically, you'll be able to see just what you are buying and what each pack means in terms of extra time or extra userpics. It even tells you what you currently have. I bet they wished they'd come up with this at the time they released the packs, rather than spend about 48 hours sorting out those who'd bought add-ons, only to find they hadn't got what they'd expected. Plus, I understand they had further issues with payments.

Ah, well, all should now be fixed.