April 14th, 2010

Nature: Moon (Night)

NCIS 20in20 Icons

Having declared 'never again', I did sign up for April's ncis20in20 because you had a free choice, i.e. no claiming of characters and/or pairings. Up until Sunday, I was seriously thinking of pulling out, as having got so behind following the power-cut and having tried several times to make icons, nothing came. However, on Sunday I made 18, so thought 'hey, I can do two on Monday'.

The big problem with having a free choice, is making the choice. I was all set to post what I'd made when I thought 'maybe I should . . .' And I did *g*, hence the reason for all the extras.

But I am prevaricating no more and am posting. And now I can go and look at the other entries which I'd hitherto avoided doing.

Usual 'rules' apply, if you like anything, please feel free to snaggle - credit for the icon is nice - and please do not edit in any way.

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