July 31st, 2009

Teddy: Sleeping

There comes a time when . . .

You have run out of challenges (well okay not quite but the one strictly G/D one I have left is ear-marked for 'specific' stories), so what do you do?

You take up another one, of course. And you then spend a considerable part of several days (days when you should be writing your ncis_ficathon or your ncis_bigbang story) toddling around LJ looking at the nice shiny comms and tables.

But the big problem is that so many of the nice looking ones seem to have been abandoned. When you look at the sign-up posts and find claims going back a year or even longer and they haven't been acknowledged, it makes me sad. I know people have reasons for giving up and moving on and dropping out, but all too often the people haven't done any of those things, they are still active on their own journals. You know maybe there would be mileage in a 'Fanfic Challenge Comms Rescue Community'.

I know the challenge table I've just completed is in fact now a 'dead' challenge comm. Not only have the Mods stopped acknowledging claims, but I'm the only person to have posted in months. Still, I started the challenge and I have the good feeling of having completed it.

So after much looking around and trying to find a challenge I liked the look of and wasn't dead, I decided 'what the heck . . .' and I'm sure many of you will know what that means, don't you? (*Eyes aingeal8c in particular*). Yes, I set up another new challenge comm - hey, at least mine don't die!

It's 24_times and it follows the same 'rules', etc. as all my other Nikki-set-up-challenge-comms. No 'thou shalt post one story every . . .' No 'only one person can claim the same pairing'. Nope, none of that. Plain and simple, if you like the prompts, sign up - there's no pressure on you at all. There are three tables from which you can choose and you can even make your own by combining eight prompts from each of the three tables.

Why 24 stories? Well, there are 24 hours in the day and these 24 prompts all deal with time. (There is an additional reason, but that's when I start to really show my anal side, so we'll just slide past that one).

I think I've tested all the links and checked the tables, read the blurb a dozen times to make sure it makes sense, but you know how these things are; you get to the stage when you're 'link bound' or reading what you think is there. So if anyone sees anything hinky/something doesn't make sense, please yodle.

Anyway, so there we have it:


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Teddy: Sleeping

Books read in July 2009

As most of the previous months have been dominated by first time reads, I decided July would be mainly a re-read month - and also time to revisit one of my childhood favourite series.

JULY (14)

More Than Just A Holiday Romance - Darby Brennan
Bad Science - Ben Goldacre
New Memories - Darby Brennan
BOLO 3: The Lab And The Boss - published by Carriage Hill Press
Who Is Ray Doyle? - Darby Brennan
Witches Incorporated - K. E. Mills
The Island Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The Castle Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The Valley Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The Sea Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The Mountain Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The Ship Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The Circus Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
The River Of Adventure - Enid Blyton

03 were first time reads
11 were re-reads


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Teddy: Sleeping

Fiction. Clandestine Meetings

TITLE: Clandestine Meetings
AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
PAIRING: Anthony DiNozzo/Ziva David
SUMMARY: Tony and Ziva shouldn't be doing what they're doing, but they can't stop.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for ncis_drabble 'After Hours' Challenge.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

Clandestine Meetings