June 23rd, 2009

Books: Magical

NCIS Big Bang

As a few of you know I have signed up for this year's NCIS Big Bang - I did it last year and wrote My Son's Boyfriend and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Last year I had no problem with deciding what to write, none at all. However, this year I'm not that sure.

I have three main ideas vying for 'attention' so I thought I'd do a little poll to get a feeling for what grabs people. Even if you don't actually read Gibbs/Ducky, I'd welcome your opinion.

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Thank you in advance.

NB I'm not promising that if there is a 'winner' I will write that. As all writers know the muse can be a fickle thing and can decided to go its own way no matter what the writer might want to write - and that's not mentioning Bob of course *g* I might even get bitten by something completely different, but I'm fairly sure it will be one of these three.