April 25th, 2009

Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

Fiction. 20 Hours In LA (Gibbs & McGee)

TITLE: 20 Hours In LA
AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
CHARACTERS:  Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Timothy McGee
SUMMARY: Gibbs and McGee go to LA
SPOILERS: Major for Legend.
AUTHOR'S NOTE 1:  Much of this story is based on The Futon Critic's review of Legend, plus a little from EpGuides Legend 1 and Legend 2. Do not read this if you do not wish to be spoilt - there are more spoilers than the snippets that have appeared on Ausiello, etc.
AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: Written for ncis1000words 'Reverse Fandom' Challenge (West Wing Titles)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

20 Hours In LA
Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

Fannish Meme

Snagged from birggitt

1. Do you remember your first ever thing you were fannish about as a wee one?
Starsky & Hutch  back in 1976. Not that I knew anything about fandom in those days. But I avidly collected magazines, spin-off books and articles, etc. etc. and did have ::coughs:: wee slashy (again not that I had any idea there was a term, I just thought I was odd) thought about the them as being 'together'. I was very naive for my age and knew nothing at all about male/male lovemaking. So my thoughts, which were little stories in my head, were of the holding hands and the odd kiss and just being  a couple.

2. What fandom was your first (fan fic) reading fandom?
Curiously enough that would again be Starsky & Hutch some 23 years later. Even then I had no idea that fandom existed, but we received a magazine that had the box set of three videos and I got all nostalgic and ordered them and then went surfing for more information. To my surprise I came across a story (Down Roads Long Passed) that was the type I'd made up all those years ago and on and off since and it went from there. And I discovered a whole new world - and found out that I wasn't weird or odd. (Okay, so I suppose that's a matter of opinion *g* but based on how I'd felt over the years, I wasn't).

3. Are you very mono-fannish or a fickle fannish butterfly?
Now this is a difficult question. The thing is although I do write in a number of fandoms (far more than I ever envisaged) and read in a few of them, I'd still actually say I'm far more mono-fannish; serial monogamous, actually. Basically when I get into a new fandom it is pretty much at the expense of the others. I still love my 'old' fandom, but certainly in the early days of my new fandom that and only that occupies my attention. Even now with me writing the odd story/drabble in other fandoms and reading a bit too and even though I say 'my main fandoms are', really I feel far more mono-fannish with NCIS being 'the' fandom. It occupies at least 90% of my fannish time and more like 95%.

4. Did you ever feel really fannish and obsessed about a TV show/movie/book, etc. but without having the desire to write/read fan fic?
Another difficult question *g* It all depends on how you describe 'really fannish and obsessed'. There are various shows that J and I watch whereby we have the kinds of post-watching discussions about the episodes that I have with fannish friends (less the slash) and shows we watch more than once and are really into and can quote. Now for some that might be 'really fannish and obsessed. But to my mind being 'really fannish and obsessed' means writing and reading. So I guess the short answer is 'no'.

5. Did you ever have a fandom that was totally ruined for you by canon and/or fandom politics?
Fortunately, no. My previous main fandoms (Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals, Due South, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) were all closed canon long before I got into them and the same is the case with most of my smaller/non-main fandoms). And I also, fortunately, wasn't in Due South during the Ray Wars. So far NCIS has remained very friendly and open and pretty much free from pairing or character wars - people are happy to agree to disagree and also any pairing is accepted. There are 'I don't see that pairing' but none of the 'you're stupid to ship that pairing'. And although I rant at times about canon and haven't liked some of the things TPTB have inflicted on us, so far nothing has been bad enough to ruin fandom for me.

6. Where were you fannishly in 2003?
I'm pretty sure my main fandom was Due South (Fraser/Vecchio). It was the one I was obsessive about and spent the vast amount of my fannish time on.

7. Where were you fannishly in 2005?
This is half and half. The first half of the year my main fandom and the one I spent most of my time on was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The second half of the year was when my love affair with NCIS (Gibbs/Ducky) began.