March 5th, 2009

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NCIS - My fannish journey

Unlike some fandoms NCIS is a very open to all and every pairing fandom and that is one of the many reasons I love it so much. ( At least it is here on LJ, from a few comments I have heard over the years I've been involved  sadly it isn't quite the same on some lists).

So I don't see Gibbs/DiNozzo as a couple (the main pairing) but that doesn't matter, no one shoots me down or even tells me I'm wrong or anything like that, it's just accepted. I see a father & son, boss & subordinate relationship, I see respect, I see hero worship on DiNozzo's behalf, I see fondness, liking, a would kill for or die for, but I don't see romance or sex.

And the same is true for many people who don't see Gibbs/Ducky. They see friendship (I have never met any NCIS fan who has denied how important Ducky is to Gibbs and their extremely close friendship), fraternal love, but not romance and/or sex.

And similar things can be said about all pairings in NCIS. Some people see A/B some B/C some A/C some D/B some C/D, etc. etc. etc. And some don't see the pairings as romantic, just as friendship, some don't really even see any connection at all. Some folk just love the show and ship no one at all. Some folk ship all and every pairings, some a handful, some only one, etc. etc.

But none of that matters in LJ NCIS fandom. We co-exist happily, we can play in our own pairing sandbox, but just as happily we can play in multi-pairings sandboxes.

I've been involved now in NCIS fandom since June 2005 (which is when I wrote my first story and admitted it was a fandom).

To date I have written:

460 - Gibbs/Ducky stories
052 - Abby/McGee stories
072 - General Series stories, which includes a mixture of gen, het and slash
584 - Stories in total

And I still have a lot of WIPs and bunnies hoping around.

So how did I get to where I am today? Well if you're bored, click the LJ cut and find out.

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