January 2nd, 2009

Misc: Garfield & Teddy

Fanfic Challenges - Another One Completed

I have completed another Fanfic Challenge - ships50 for Gibbs/Ducky.

Gibbs/Ducky Ships 50 Table


First story posted: 28th February 2008
Last story posted: 30th December 2008

Word counts:

Total # of words: 23,671
Longest story: The Best Birthday Gift Of All (3,536 words)
Shortest story: Nine 100 word drabbles
Average story length: 473 words

Story ratings:

G = Ten stories
PG = Twenty-Three stories
PG-13 = Sixteen stories
R = One story
Misc: Garfield & Teddy

An End Of Year Round Up Of My Fannish New Year Resolutions (2008)

I started off with twelve resolutions and with one exception where I utterly and totally failed (to sort out my zine collection) I actually find that I have done pretty well.

There are a couple of resolutions where I only partly achieved my goal, but overall, yes . . . I think it has been a good year on the fulfilling front.

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