November 17th, 2008

Animals: Bear (Flowers)

For those who don't regularly read LJ News

LJ is moving - tomorrow! They are moving from servers based in San Francisco to the servers in our new data centre in Montana.

This means that LJ will be non-existent. There will be no posting, no Friends page, no LJ mail, nothing. They plan to bring the site back up slowly, they are going to ease into it rather than open up a floodgate of traffic. Therefore posting might not be immediately available or the site could be slow to load for a while.

This will begin at 8:00 A.M. PST which for Brits is 4:00 P.M TOMORROW 17th November, 2008. And they estimate that it will take FOUR hours to move - but warn that it may take longer, best laid plans and all that.

If you're not sure what time this is in your part of the world The World Clock is a pretty good website.

For full details, including the new IP addresses  (plus a note to say that both the Permanent account and A La Carte sales are to be delayed) go here.
Animals: Bear (Flowers)

More on the new LJ Profile Page

LJ are still refusing to offer either an opt-out or to return to the old page, but they do once again say they are open to comments and listening to our views.

On the profile page you'll see a new link that takes you off to a post on lj_design where this post lists the 'Concerns' LJ users have expressed along with the 'Positives'. Some things appear in both parts - and it's somewhat telling that the list of 'Concerns' is considerably longer than the list of 'Positives'. So if you do wish to add your views (positively as well as negatively) you can do so on the post.

They aren't promising to do anything about it; indeed they say: We are not saying that these things can or will be changed; similarly, we are not saying that they cannot or will not be changed . . . Once we are confident that we have gathered all the feedback, and we have discussed it internally, we will come back to this community with a proposal for changes to the new profile.

However, there are a couple of fixes that canny LJ users have come up with on lj_nifty, I thought I'd share my findings with you.

This post contains a Greasemonkey script that soph has put together and the beauty of it is that you get to choose which things you want to 'move' or change. You can have them all or just one or anything in between.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on, but it apparently (I say apparently as thus far I can't get it to work I must be doing something wrong as someone else has) it will also work in Opera, albeit you also have to install Emulate GM Functions. This comment gives more detail about how to install it in Opera.

As for IE, someone did ask if it could be used with it and someone else referred them to this link which seems to recommend trying the Trixie software. The person hadn't tried it and I have no idea either.

But there is also another fix A Stylish Script which turlough has compiled. Again this is a Firefox add-on, but this also works quite happily in Opera too. I'm actually using this one myself and everyone's profile page looks so much better!

And you can use the two in conjunction with one another.