July 23rd, 2008

Teddy: Sleeping

The weather

It's a subject about which non-Brits 'accuse' us Brits of talking about all the time - and you know what, we do :-)

So to prove this here is a pointless post about that very subject.

About a week ago it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained and . . . Did I mention it rained? Pretty much 24/7.

On Sunday, a mere three days ago, it was so cold up here we had to have the heating on (J did work his magic with the oil and the poor man was tasting it all day) and I was in autumn weight jumpers and socks.

Today it's so warm we have most of the windows open, I had to dig out a short sleeve tee-shirt, light-weight trousers and am not wearing socks, and we are seriously thinking about getting some fans out.

Ah, yes, it's Britain all right - and that's why we Brits do tend to talk about the weather so much, as we get such a diversity in a matter of days.

On a less 'humorous' note our email seems to be spasmodic *sigh*; we have web access, but the email keeps bombing out - but at least we have web access.

caffyolay, it's the first heat of the final tonight, who is your 'money' on? I must confess that I have a sneaking wish for Atomic Kitten to win, partly because in many ways she and I have things in common when it comes to cooking; we've both instinctive cooks. Although I suspect if Andy can get his seasoning right, it might well be him as he has the technical skills. So my head says Andy, my heart Atomic Kitten.