June 4th, 2008

Teddy: Tatty (World)

Thank You

My dear flist for helping to make my birthday, yesterday, such a good one. I was over-whelmed by the number of birthday posts and graphics - thank you all.

Thank you for the gifts - the virtual ones and the non-virtual. I was thoroughly spoilt in that respect.

Amongst the non-virtual pressies I received were:

Books. CDs. Jewellery. Choccies. A bottle of my favourite malt whisky. Flowers. Seeds. Hand-made cross-stitch fridge magnets. Money.

Dear Lacey kept a careful eye on me as I opened each gift as she felt sure there had to be one for her :-)

I also had four wonderful stories written for me.

A New Beginning by adriannacoylho (Gibbs/Ducky)
Crystal Balls by aingeal8c (Fraser/Vecchio, Gibbs/Ducky and if you squint hard Abby/McGee)
Unnamed Ficlet by leda_speaks (Gibbs/Ducky)
Time To Move On by sharpiesgal (Gibbs/Ducky)

All of them were just so perfectly 'Nikki-Fic'. Thank you again, my friends.

I also had some lovely e-cards, emails and a special Powerpoint 'show' - thank you all so much.

The day itself was very quiet (but I love that). The weather wasn't the greatest, it was raining when I first got up and was still raining when I went to bed. But that didn't bother me as we weren't going anywhere, I don't really care for lots of sun and rain or not the view is still lovely. According to Mother it was a far cry from the day I was born, when it was sweltering hot! I spent the vast part of the day just indulging myself in the love, affection and friendship I was shown and exchanging emails and LJ comments - perfect!

J cooked me a lovely breakfast of poached eggs, mushrooms and bacon, plus of course toast and marmalade and coffee. We don't often have a cooked breakfast, but it was a special day. And for supper I chose to have scampi, oven chips and peas with J's wonderful home-made tartar sauce - and a glass or two of wine. And we watched two of my favourite NCIS Season Four episodes: 'Twisted Sister' and . . . 'Smoked', well I had to see the wonderful kiss hug and make up scene on my birthday, didn't I? We'd started the season several days ago, but I made poor J go without his NCIS 'fix' for a couple of days so that we could watch 'Smoked' last night. Mother and Father are coming over for tea this afternoon and Mother has made me a cake - coffee, my favourite - so I get an extended birthday.

So thank you once again - I am so lucky to have such a wonderful caring flist.


To all of you.