May 5th, 2008

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Corrupted image files

Okay, I fear the answer to this is going to be 'sorry no', but on the very, very faint chance someone can help, I'm going to ask anyway.

I have a number of images (extension either JPG or JPEG) that have somehow become corrupted.

The thumbnail shows quite happily in Windows Explorer (but not if I copy the photos to another folder and then try to do a thumbnail view). However, when I try to open the picture either in a browser (we've tried Opera, Firefox and IE) or in any of my photo editing programs it just comes up with a blank page (browser) and error message (photo editing programs).

J has even tried on his Acorn in half a dozen programs, including a JPG clean but to no avail - basically the programs say they are not a valid JPG and the header information isn't correct. I've tried downloaded a couple of JPG repair programs (ones that have been recommended on various forums and have proved to work for some people) but again nothing, and once again I get the 'image header corrupted'.

I've also tried the renaming them extension-wise, but again nothing.

I know that I have opened, successfully, at least some of these pictures at some point, as I've used them for various things, so the corruption wasn't on download of the picture. The dimensions and size of the picture are also showing up quite happily.

I do keep backups, but I suspect that as I don't check ever single file each time before doing a backup, the same problem is going to have occurred on the backups. I also fear that I'm going to find more of these in other folders - this was just one folder when I was looking for the larger image of one of my mood theme pictures to show plutos_revenge.

Does anyone have any hope that I might be able to somehow recover these pictures, please?

If there any way of somehow editing the headers to give the correct information?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'd be quite happy to buy a program if it came to it, the couple I tried were the kind where you downloaded them, tried them out and saw what they could recover, but if you wanted to save the pictures you had to buy the program.

I'm sure it's a lost cause, but I'd kick myself if I didn't ask and there was a solution.

Anyone, please?

Thank you in advance.