April 15th, 2008

Teddy: Tatty (Pillow)

We are not amused

Dear ISP,

How dare you turn back on the 'we'll decide which of your emails are spam and flag them as such and not deliver them to you but instead move them to your webmail spam folder' without even having the courtesy to tell us you are doing this?

We do not want you to do this for us, thank you very much. We have out own spam program as part of our firewall/virus checker/ad ware scanner program, and we would rather have that check for spam; at least that way we get to train it and see how right or wrong it is.

It is actually 'fortunate' that there was a problem with email today, thus we went to the site to see what was happening and as I had not received any spam today (a first time ever) decided to check the settings. And it had been turned back on.

As such several non-spam emails were found sitting happily in the spam folder (caffyolay, that quick note you sent me a week or so ago about Father which we thought had vanished, was one of them as was a longish email from maubast - I'll reply to that shortly).

Letting us know you were going to do this would have been nice.

Up until now we have not been able to fault the service we have got from you but really this was not on.

No love ~

Nikki & J